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Did You Eat Enough Vegetable Today?

CMAX Veggies provide you the vegtable with necessary nutrition for health and growth. We sell vegetable directly from our plant to every customer.
You can receive CMAX VEGGIES within 1hours.*
CMAX VEGGIES is coming soon.

Higher Nutrition than Market Vegetable

CMAX VEGGIES give you the vegetable which contains higher nutrition than vegetable in market. 
Higher Iron for Iron Dispency People
Higher Calcium for Senior Citizen
Higher Magnesium for Senior Citizen

Friendly to Chronic Kidney Disease People 

CMAX VEGGIES can provide the vegetable with lower Potassium for Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) People 
You don't have to boil vegetable to remove Potassium because CMAX VEGGIES is friendly to CKD

No Pesticide & No Polution from Evironment

CMAX VEGGIES grow vegtable in clean and safe environment.
We do not use pesticide
We use clean water for vegetable groth and keep them far away from insect

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*1Hours delivery is depend on Traffic Situation