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CMAX VEGGIES is your online Fresh Food Market
Delivery within ONE HOURS from plant to you
Delivery with Customized NUTRITION from plant

Chronic Kidney Disease People need Low Potassium(K), pls come
Iron Deficiency Anemia need Iron(Fe), pls come
Senior Citizen need Calcium(Ca), pls come
Diabetes People need low sugar, pls follow
Diabetes Preventive People need Zinc(Zn), pls follow

Higher Nutrition than Market 

CMAX VEGGIES give you the vegetable which contains higher nutrition than vegetable in market. 
Need More Iron, pls come
Need More Calcium, pls come
Need More Zinc, pls come

Friendly to Chronic Disease People 

CMAX VEGGIES can provide the vegetable with lower Potassium for Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) People, lower sugar for Diabetes People. 
You don't have to boil vegetable to remove Potassium because CMAX VEGGIES is friendly to CKD
You can enjoy our vegetable with lower sugar

Delivery from Live Plant to you

CMAX VEGGIES deliver vegetable from live plant to your house within ONE HOURS*
No need to keep too much vegetable in your refrigerator.

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*Term & Condition 
Delivery within One Hour depends on the traffic & weather


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